Lokenjen tailor made adventures   Elephants "kissing" in Amboseli, Kenya Brave lion cub in Masai Mara, Kenya  


Enjoy camping in the bush, surrounded by nothing more than the lush vegetation and the sounds of the African night. Join a game drive and study the abundant wildlife. Immerse yourself in the cultural festivities of a famous tribe. Go local in a village, eating nyama choma (grilled meat) with the residents. Explore the scenery on foot or go trekking in the mountains. Unwind in a hammock under a palm tree, with the reassuring sound of the sea in the background.

Tell us what your main interests are and we will design the optimum safari itinerary for you, an individual tour, tailor made and low budget. Anything is possible! The only limits are your dreams... and the time you have available.

Duration: From 2 days onwards.  
Mode of transport: Safari truck or 4WD. But also bike, boat, raft, air balloon, horse, camel and... your own feet!
Places to stay: The best way to experience East Africa to the fullest is to go camping. But accomodation can also include basic or more luxury (yet affordable) bandas, lodges and hotels.
Activities: Visiting the national parks and local villages, cycling, rafting, (camel) trekking, fishing, swimming, diving, surfing... to name a few.